All you need to know about the UK swingers scene

Welcome to the swinging scene here you can read all about what swinging is, swinging do's and don'ts and the hottest swinger clubs to attend in the UK, you could say this page is for first time swingers who are a little nervous and need a point in the right direction. Right lets start with a little information on swinging. Swinging also known as wife swapping is where partners in stable relationships engage in sex meets with other couples and singles the swinging phenomenon started around the 1960's and is still going strong today with millions of UK couples hooking up and swinging all over the place you don't have to be experienced partners to enjoy this sexual activity new first timers are more than welcome to come and join in the fun, As well as sex clubs across the country swinging parties can also happen in private set up by members of our site and recently swinging has been moved from behind closed doors and happens at dogging hotspots across the UK now when you have swingers and doggers together you just know you are in for a very good time.

All swingers have their own rules especially when visiting a sex club so its always important to read up on Swinger Etiquette here are just a few basic rules you should always remember when swinging on your own or with your partners:

1. Behave yourselves always when attending sex parties no one likes bad behaviour or to be left feeling uncomfortable
2. Never touch unless you have been invited to do so. No one wants to feel violated, As the more swinging experience you gain you will be come familiar with all the little signals swingers use.
3. Never ever get drunk!! we all get nervous at times but trust me its one of the biggest no no's to get drunk in the swinging world.
4. If you have to turn anyone down at any time please do it politely let them down gently. Remember your under no obligation to sleep with anyone at a swinger party.

Right now were on to the best swinging clubs the UK has to offer, Below are a few details about the swinger clubs but to get addresses etc you will need to register to British shaggers and then can access all the club information you need. Inside you can also access all other swinging venues and sex clubs right across the country.

The vanilla alternative - The UK's number one swinger venue with different themed nights at the moment its the festival of fun...

Club Xtasia - West Bromwich, West Midlands - Xtasia is the UK’s longest established swingers club and has earned a great reputation over many years for superb adult parties

The hell fire club, London premier swinger & fetish sex club, brilliant theme nights both couples and singles welcome.